What Are The Benefits Of Wearing A Compression Garment During Post-Surgery Recovery?

Surgery is a major trauma to the body. Your doctor may recommend that you wear a compression garment post-surgery.  Regardless of whether or not you doctor makes this recommendation, there are many reasons why you may need and should seriously consider wearing a compression garment following surgery.  Compression garments provide many benefits during post-surgery recovery including helping reshape muscle, minimizing bruising, promoting skin retraction and  preventing fluid shift in addition to providing comfort and support.

Compression garments help reshape muscle

Surgical incisions can cut through many layers of muscle. The compression garment helps to stabilize the muscle so it can heal properly. This is especially important with cosmetic surgery.

Compression garments help minimize bruising

A normal result of surgery is blood leakage beneath the skin, or bruising.  By maintaining a consistent pressure against the skin, the compression garment keeps leakage to a minimum. Soon the surgical area will have a normal appearance.

Compression garments help encourage skin retraction

For optimal healing, the skin needs to return to its snug fit against the body. The compression garment keeps the skin in place as it heals. The pressure from the compression garment keeps pockets from forming beneath the skin which can cause unsightly bulges.

Compression garments can help prevent fluid shift

Fluid build-up under the skin is normal following surgery, causing post surgery swelling. The compression garment keeps the fluid in position and applies steady pressure against it, helping to reduce the swelling and promoting faster healing.

Compression garments provide comfort and support

Tenderness around the surgical area is to be expected. The compression garment helps provide extra support for the healing areas and keeps pressure off the surgical incisions. Additionally, the added support from a compression garment gives the patient assurance during the recovery and healing process.

Take your doctor's recommendation for a compression garment seriously. It will make your recovery easier and the surgery results better. Follow the doctor's advice for how long to wear the garment; times will vary depending on the type of surgery and your progress.